News Cherry-Picked

I am uncomfortable with news that some countries are encroaching territories, but I asked myself a simple question — “how is the current life of the locals?”. Dump nationalism aside, can they give them better lives than their current or previous corrupt governments?

Though many places have been reformed (eg. Tibet — you get network in the most remote mountainous area around Lhasa even back in year 2003), there are yet many other that seems to ‘could have been done better’, eg. Hong Kong. I am also not convinced of the human rights transgression claimed as I lived in many places myself. Then again, what is the relevance of human rights when the current ‘untaken’ country or state is so abjectly corrupted. I am ambivalent about this ‘encroachment’. I am not supporting any government. My focus is on the tangible improvements of lives of the people — not our preferences. And one way to measure is to go and live among them — which I did.

I had many conversations with my friends living in the region, some experience a ‘form of unfairness’ — the main ethnic groups have to compete very hard among themselves for certain quota in welfare, eg. education (supposed to be entitlement, but the dearth of resources versus population is creating the dilemma). The minority, thus, get into universities and obtain some welfare easier. However, why can’t we get them to the same grounds without exclusion — and exclusion by the main ethnic groups? Ethic preferential treatment is racism and corruption.

Reported news? Recorded history? Military might? Nationalistic beliefs? There is a difference between perceived rightfulness and what is right, and yet again ‘rights’ and being right, and the concept of truth or being right is never absolutely established.

US is beginning to admit that Christopher Columbus did not find US, neither did the ‘May flower’ discover the land (perhaps the ideals of the US constitution). Who knows where the ‘natives’ come from. Even if the first man was there on the moon, just as the first Homo Erectus might had reached new land, but it was there despite any race or species to claim it as their possession. And who knows which tribe ran over which tribes, so where and what is the basis of the claim?


Physicist, researcher, teacher, reader.

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