I was not against gun ownership until I met the people who are given gun ownership at a gun fare. Before anyone possesses a gun, there is no assurance they possess some decency. Assume there is no problem with gun ownership, we still have to first solve the qualification and people quality of the gun owners.

Gun fanatics spin all sorts of tyranny conspiracy theory. The President just would say: “If the tyranny agenda were true, do you think you have the weapons that can defend you against the most advanced and massive weapons we have?” (…)

Come on, US is the most advanced country in this world. It is certain that the D.o.D. has weapons so advanced that is far beyond your puny imagination and education. It can cook you miles away in your sleep, behind the thickest lead walls you can afford, and render any firepower you can buy from the market useless before you can reach out to your gun to even touch that trigger or call “mama”. Your guns are obsolete. Don’t you even know that? You really don’t?

Besides, if the government really want to take our guns, they don’t even need to pass the law. They can work with the corporations and banks to push you out of your jobs and drive you jobless and homeless. By then, how would you house your guns? You would naturally, sweetly lay down your arms with no where to store them. You can’t even feed or house yourself. What can you do?

The tyranny conspiracy theory is obviously false. They keep going on believing the self-made paranoia. It is only telling us one thing — they are either pinheads harboring desperation to buffer their pathetic dickhead ego and insecurity with movie fantasy of guns and such.

Owning the gun is a low-wit solution. You get out-gun. But if you advise them to own a militia, we will only be creating domestic terrorists.

Arguments with them go in circles because they cannot reason. You can’t even ask them to think. They wild dogs are ready to bark and bite at whatever proposition they do not want to hear. They will just bark at you all day long without getting anywhere.

Then they will say “People hurt people. Guns don’t hurt people.” I want to agree with them, but what if the majority are bad and mad guys — which we see quite clearly what they are. Won’t that mean majority if given guns would hurt people?

Some gun owners may politely agree and reasoned “yes, but now we have more good guys, and we cannot let a few bad guys win.”

But wait there, … what if I can prove that there are more bad guys than good guys, and having guns everywhere makes it more dangerous. If we remove them, bam … now the majority cannot have them. One good gun against many bad guns is not a profitable collateral damage.

The gun owner goes “Sounds like a good deal. ok. Give it a shot.”

ok, tell me the people you cherish in your life. People you want to protect. Hold their faces in your head. Now, the people in your family you want to keep away from. Those you deem toxic.

“The first is my cousin, Chad. He’s a dick head, a real big bold negative. He messed up our last Thanksgiving and crap about our president.” (continue cursing quite a few list for the next minutes …) goes the gun owner.

Then I asked him about his friends in office, and ask him about those who don’t screw him over. How does the numbers count?

“Fuck them.”, the gun owner exclaimed. “Most of them are pack of wolves, especially those ____ who gang up against good honest Americans like us. You know those ____, they always rub each others’ junk, just like how they will fuck up in their countries, then come here and fuck us up.” (continued cursing ….)

That is disturbing hear his xenophobic remarks, especially when he towers a petite Asian lady like myself.

I continued, “how about people outside the office. People, you meet in church, sales, those who won’t give a hoot about you, always waiting to mess you up whenever they get a chance?”

“Those fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfuckers who will only show up at your doorsteps to fuck you up with any shit just to get you to give them something. People don’t give a shit about each other, and they just want to see you down and messed up. No one gives a shit.”, the gun owner is not holding back his words and guns.

“How many? You got a figure?”, I inquired. “Whose got the majority now? The good guys or the bad guys? So you got the numbers? You said ‘No one gives a shit’”.

“I am not giving up my guns !”, he shouted.

“But you promised.”, I reminded him.

“Shoot, they are majority, but I have to protect myself all the more.”, the gun owner insisted.

“But we had an agreement, and you agree that if the majority are bad guys, we have bad guns on the streets. Most of them. People hurt people. And majority want to hurt people, and they are bad majority with bad guns, and that makes majority more dangerous. You agreed on the collateral damage to remove the bad guns.”, I explained.

“You cunning girl of a gun, I change my mind about our deal.”, the gun owner chuckled.

“If you are so dishonorable with words, how do I trust that you are not one of those bad guys now? Bringing down the good guys number by another one?”, I reasoned.

“Fuck you! You smart bitch!”, he shouted.

The dumbest comment goes something like “fuck you”. What is the expected comment? Should it be “ok, when shall we fuck”? Or “oh, that is impressive”? If you think you succeed in making people feel bad, perhaps you should take a look at your own lives. If we cannot control ourselves, we shouldn’t trust ourselves with the weapons. We are responsible gun owners, aren't we?

As intelligent and responsible gun owners, we expect people to talk intelligently. We don’t claim to be right either, but making dumb statements insults the kind of person they are. Look at it this way. How does statements like : “ …I will kick you ass …” or “ … Go fuck yourselves …” mean anything? This is Hollywood-styled dim-wit brag. Are they seriously expecting answers like “oh, how scared we are”?

Darn, those gun pests got me frightened enough to hold on to my guns. How could I calm my survival instincts?

It’s simple, since the gun casualty is so high, let’s try gun control and see the numbers within the next months, if it fails, let’s put everything back. Are people afraid to face the truth?

It was almost at the tip of my nerve that I wanted to say “You mean we have to get a gun to inflict our own wounds to feed our own agenda to survive the economy and the addiction of ego and fantasy?”

If we brandish our arms as toys and behave irresponsibly, gun ownership is in question. We do not want the right tools to fall in the wrong hands. Rights must come with responsibilities.

It’s not gun control which is wrong or right, but it could be all irrelevant. The solution could be something or somewhere else. It’s the mind behind that gun. Instead of wasting time on useless things like beer, wine, drugs, women, sports, movies and guns, why the people don’t focus on education in the first place? Check the criminals, how many of them come from stable families? How many have proper education? Solve the problems at the root, not at the surface. The solution is not guns, it’s family and education. Yet … the average person can’t see it, it’s a low average indeed.

People talked about gun ownership as if it is a fool-proof solution. Everyone is living within a system which was built to regulate everyone. Everyone is living on the oxygen of economy and provisions. Even our food and water are regulated. Look at how much we are be subjected to the economy itself, and does anyone even understand the game that is being played or who is regulating the system? People are already subjecting themselves to their jobs, tax, economy — all regulated by an authority they fear will turn upon them. Gun owners turned to their guns, but they are no more than caged rodents trying to sharpen their teeth. They run the hamster wheel to earn their food and water which are all under regulation. It is like a foolish Texas old gun fighting a tank head on. Try gunning against the billionaires. You will despair.

Against all popularity on Ron Paul’s founders’ belief of bearing arms, it’s an unproven belief, and the founders can be wrong — just as they were wrong with many things — such as supporting slavery.

We all want to get things done, we want to get somewhere, find new solutions, try new methods, and attain real liberation — not the deluding one we are living in today.

Instead of gaining civil gun control, we should have fuller civil educational control. More and better schools, kinder and smarter future people, and therefore, lesser criminals. More care and concern for people around you, lesser depressed and psychologically isolated and disturbed patients. The superior weapon to control is not the gun, it is the educational system. We don’t need more and powerful guns. We need a smarter and kinder society. For now, clearly, we have the direct opposite.

Carrying a gun with a false sense of security is like hammering a wound to create a stronger pain to overcome the old problem. It is an example of lazy, dull and dim-witted thinking, with no sense of clarity of thought. To solve the issue, one has to get to the root of the problem. We ask ourselves root causes not to distract and occupy ourselves with egoism to blind ourselves from the tragedies.

No matter how much you cherish your traditions … Please … re-examine them. Just in case of embarrassment when the real truth dawns.


Physicist, researcher, teacher, reader.

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